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This town.

With its political satire, political thrillers, and partisan politics.

With its millennials changing the landscape, interns chasing the dream, and sometimes cynical “old timers” who’ve seen it all.

With its Natural History, American History, and soon – African American History.

This town.

With its beltways, highways, and parkways. Traffic reports, crazy commutes, and Dr. Gridlock.

With its slowdowns, shutdowns, and continuing resolutions. With a White House, Arlington House, and President Washington’s house.

With its monuments to presidents, war fighters, and drum majors for peace.

With its heat, humidity, and tourists in the summer; derechos and power outages in the spring; continuing resolutions and budget showdowns in the fall; and Snowmageddon.

This town.

With blue lines, silver lines, orange lines, and yellow, green and red. Maybe purple one day. With elevator outages, broken escalators, and weekend track work. And please stand on the right.

With Caps and Nats and Mystics and Kastles, the United and the Football Team That Shall Not Be Named – at least not here.

With U Street, H Street, 16th Street. Politics and Prose, AFI Silver Spring, the National Mall. With the Folklife Festival, National Book Festival, and Kite Festival.

With DCA, IAD, and even BWI. With security lines, Global Entry, and TSA PreCheck.

With federal agencies, and agency acronyms, and “the principals.”

This town. I’m going to miss it.


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