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After seven years of living overseas in a variety of countries – Albania, Belize, and Italy (all were amazing in their own way) – I decided it was time to return to Washington, DC and the Harry S Truman building. The “mother ship.” The idea of starting a blog has been in the back of my mind for some time; it’s a great way for me to update family and friends on my experiences. But I’m back in DC now – there’s nothing exotic about DC! Or is there? According to this website, 15 million people visit DC every year – so there must be something interesting about the place, right? So here’s what I’ll do: I’ll be in DC for at least two years, so I’m going to treat this like I would any other tour. I will visit the historic sites and museums, go to the local festivals, find the interesting bars and restaurants and share my experiences here. It’s an ambitious undertaking; I do not promise to visit every museum, bar, or festival that the city has to offer, but I will act like a tourist! (Except I’ll stand on the right and walk on the left whenever I’m on a Metro escalator!)


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