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It’s Labor Day.  I like Labor Day.  I might even love Labor Day.  As long as I can remember, Labor Day has meant certain, unalienable rules:

  1. Put your white clothes and shoes in the closet until next summer.  I get it – in the olden days, the fact that one could switch from the browns and blacks of fall and winter to the light colors of spring and summer was an indication of wealth.  Those rules no longer apply in the modern era.  Don’t care.  I’m a southern girl at heart, and I think it looks weird to wear white after Labor Day.  Put it away.
  2. School’s about to start.  Or if it’s already started, you gotta get serious after Labor Day.  Before Labor Day, you could still be a bit unfocused and carefree about schoolwork.  But after Labor Day, it’s for real.  You’ve got the whole fall semester ahead of you.  Time to get cracking.
  3. Three-day weekend.  Yay!  Sleep in, linger over your coffee, take off for a weekend of bliss.  Whatever floats your boat.
  4. Barbecue!  That’s right.  Labor Day + Daddy = Barbecue.  Could be ribs, brisket, steaks, or all of the above.  And I’m sorry – but nobody barbecues like my dad.  I challenge you to top his ribs.  Prepare to go home in tears, because you can’t do it.
  5. Fall is coming.  This is a big one, especially if your summers are hot and humid, as mine often were.  Knowing that the cool and crisp autumn temperatures are just around the corner makes the last few days of heat and humidity bearable.
  6. Law & Order marathon.  This show had been on the air for twenty years – can you believe that?  Twenty years – half my life!  And then a number of networks picked it up in syndication:  TNT, A&E, I think USA had it for a while before they began devoting all of their free air time to SVU.  And you could always count on some channel, somewhere doing a Labor Day Law & Order marathon.  Good times.
So I woke up this morning – early, thanks to my cat who doesn’t understand that I don’t have to go to work today and I could actually sleep in (but I digress), exercised a bit, showered dressed, ate a little breakfast, and flipped on the TV, ready to settle into a nice long L&O marathon.  (A marathon, incidentally, in which I would be able to recall the outcome of the case before the opening credits – it’s a talent.  A useless talent?  Perhaps.  But everybody’s got to have something. I’m the Idiot Savant of Law & Order).  But I digress again.  So I’m settled in, checking the cable guide because someone must know that L&O on the holiday is a tradition and….nothing.  Nada.  Niente.  Zippo.  Where the heck is my Law & Order?
Talk about ruining a perfect weekend…thanks for nothing TV broadcasters.

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