I think a change of scene is always good.  Especially if the new scene leads to relaxation.  I’m on Day 4 of my week-long vacation on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  As the distance between me and the DC area increased, I could feel the stress decrease.  Ah, bliss.  I’m staying with family in a lovely house on the water in Greenbackville, VA.  I can smell the salt water and feel the salt-laden ocean breeze that comes in from Chincoteague Bay.  On my first morning here, I stepped out onto the deck to find a low layer of fog, which created a bit of an optical illusion.  It seemed like our pier was floating in mid-air.

I’m using this vacation as my week to “get healthy.”  I’ve been biking in the mornings, working out in the pool with my sis, and (mostly) eating right!  I feel so great that I don’t even want to be snarky today!  Sorry folks.  🙂

Do I have to go back?