My friend, Joan, told me that Julia Roberts is a big knitter, so there’s hope for me yet!

On Sunday, I successfully advanced to “Stage 2” spinsterhood.  Or something.  I took a class at my favorite knitting store and created this.

My new beanie cap

It’s my new little beanie cap.  Making this one little cap involved one set of circular needles and four double-point needles.  (You knitters know what I’m talking about).  Easy for the pros maybe, but a little daunting for a beginner like me.  But I conquered.

I was so proud of my accomplishment that I had to show it off, so I went to my sister’s house after class.  She loved it!  So I went home and made one for her!

Can you believe I did it in (only) three hours?  I’m sure Julia could make this cap in, like, an hour – but I’m getting there!  Check out the cute little button on one side.


So watch your back, Julia.  I’m catching up!  Knit-off at my place!!!!